Established in 2007, HEQS Furniture Pty Ltd (HEQS) has quickly built a reputation as a leader in the creation of contemporary and productive work environments, service and intelligent, and value for money solutions. With a can-do attitude, HEQS developed from a small retail shop to a FF&E manufacturer and supplier in the past eight years


The Company has offices and distribution centres in all major Australian cities with large overseas factories taking care of manufacture support. Our product range covers from office furniture, accommodation office, joinery, appliances, medical equipment, and industrial laundry equipment. Our mission is to become a one stop shop for all your FF&E needs.


With years of contract experience with public sectors and private organisations, we understand that quality assurance and customer satisfaction is the key to success.
2010-2013 Queensland LNG Mining Camp Accommodation Project
2011-2015 Department of Defence FF&E Project
Sept. 2012 WA Albany Prison FF&E Project
2012-2017 Western Australia Police Station Lockers Project
2012-2016 Federation University Australia Student Accommodation Project
Sept. 2015 NSW Auburn City Council FF&E Project
2015-2017 Refugee Settlement FF&E Project


Your social responsibility policies will be supported by our committed environmental approach to waste reduction and recycling. We are committed to building an environmentally sustainable business and our practices are certified under the Australian Standard ISO14001:2004.
Our quality and OH&S policies and procedures ensure you will experience consistent high levels of service and accuracy across all our products while taking care of our staff. HEQS is accredited for quality under ISO9001:2008 and OH&S under the Australian Standard ISO4801:2001.